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Pedegru helps owners, breeders, and enthusiasts create and share records of beloved domesticated animals and pets. By respecting the past, admiring the present, and building the best future possible we live by Pedegru’s simple code - animals make life better!

Pedegru is a new idea. Some may chuckle at the notion of a social network for pets, animals, breeders and owners, but becoming the world’s largest online resource for domesticated animal history, pedigrees, and life records is an important mission. This history will help improve the lives and health of the animals and pets we need and love. Pioneers in online animal history research, Pedegru recognizes our human desire to honor the roles animals play in our lives and the many rich gifts they share. And, Pedegru’s fun social network for pets is sure to become a valuable service for pet owners, committed professional breeders and pet vendors alike.

Thanks for joining us on an exciting journey!

Join Pedegru, Solve A Mystery

Do you know your pet’s parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, uncles or aunts? What do you know about the genes of your dog, cat, horse or cow? Pedegru helps pet owners, animal breeders and animal lovers solve important mysteries.

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How Pedegru Works

Over time Pedegru will collect historical records on billions of pets and animals creating a permanent record of your animal’s life and times. Why is this important? Well, did you know there are 78 million dogs and 86 million cats in America? Or did you know that 37 out of a hundred American households include a dog and 33% out of a hundred have a cat. Almost 4 out of a hundred American homes include a bird and almost 2 out of a hundred ride horses! And we’re just getting started.

Pedegru also helps you get to know your animal and pet friends better. We have developed efficient and proprietary systems that let you log, share and learn about any and all pets and animals. Pedegru will make digital records, pictures, videos and documents readily available to everyone and could be lifesavers. For example, could Pedegru have reunited pets with their worried owners after Katrina? Absolutely! Can Pedegru help pet and animal owners make meaningful decisions about purchasing, breeding and caring for their pets and animals? You bet!

A Social Network, A Valuable Network

Pedegru is a collection of tools and technologies designed and created to facilitate social networking and group sourcing for domestic pets and animals. Pedegru creates an ever expanding historical pet and animal collaboration. As the first social network for pets and animals, insights, experiences, and discoveries can now be shared within a community of animal and pet lovers.

Pedegru is about people too!

Pedegru is a platform, a social network, where members share pet and animal stories, invite others with similar interests to trade funny anecdotes, tips and ideas about how to make life with animals better. Memories, histories, pictures, videos, links and friends create “wisdom of crowds” benefits where we are all smarter together than apart. Beloved family friends are easier to care for, live longer and better lives, and get to join in social network fun (trust us, they know they are on Pedegru)!

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The term Pedigree comes from the 15th century Anglo-Norman word Pedegru meaning "foot of crane" derived from the Latin pedem ("foot") + gruem ("crane"). On old manuscripts “descent” was indicated by a forked sign resembling the shape of a crane’s foot and later to the lines of succession on a genealogical chart.

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