Our Story

We were frustrated. We’d finally found the perfect foundation mare for our breeding program and now it was time to start thinking about crossing her with the right stallion. So we started looking, and looking, and looking. We found a few pictures here, a video there, made phone calls, searched websites, and asked friends. It was grueling and, except for the lucky fact that we found one we liked, almost hopeless.

A few years down the road we had a herd and it was time to start selling a few. We tried putting them on for-sale sites but with so many sites around we got little response and realized buyers were probably as frustrated as we had been while on the hunt for a breeding stallion.

Day-to-day, we arduously unearthed the many vendor services we needed by word of mouth, trial-and-error, hit-and-miss. We went through three farriers, drove miles in search of the best hay for the best price, and a vet…forget it! After six tries we finally found one that was right for us.

Having owned animals all our lives we were familiar with the challenges but when friends told us they’d been looking for a particular breed of dog for months, had searched high and low, and only after exhaustive research did they finally locate the perfect one…seven states away. It took them two days just to get there! We thought, “it’s time to come up with a better way”.

We started work on Pedegru and over many months have designed it to be the first platform bringing owners, breeders, enthusiasts and vendors of all domesticated animal species and breeds together in one place. Our mission: creating community, synergy, unlimited information and awareness.

A connection to animals is a special bond; not everyone is passionate about them unless you count the 600 million owners of domesticated animals worldwide of course. One of the biggest challenges for those who make a life with, or career of, animals is finding and being found. Pedegru believes that giving owners, breeders, enthusiasts, and vendors the means to connect might also have an unexpected result; it might just double or even triple the number of owners! Greater exposure and interest is good for animal people but it would certainly be great for the animals.

Utilizing the best pedigree browser we could build, and providing the means to create content rich animal and owner/breeder profiles, along with the means to communicate with, and market to, one another, we feel this platform makes the almost impossible, possible. We thought if we could make it fun then that would be the perfect combination for building long lasting and helpful friendships, partnerships, and relationships of all kinds.

This vast amount of data means that breeders can make more informed decisions and breed better animals; better animals are more valuable and thus more valued. We think this is bound to help animals live better lives and that would make any animal enthusiast smile.

Through sharing, education, and exposure new people will realize how animals can make life more joyful, exciting and meaningful and we genuinely hope club memberships will grow, volunteerism will increase, and people will become more involved simply by having unlimited access to all animals, everywhere.

No matter who you are we’re sure Pedegru will help you admire, appreciate and enjoy animals more than ever.

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