We here at Pedegru aim to make your experience as rich, enjoyable, and rewarding as possible and we have, and are, working very hard to make it the best it can be. We really want to hear your ideas and, as a matter of fact, anytime one of you submits an idea it’s going in our idea book first thing! Be sure to look for the floating “Feedback” button and share your thoughts with us there too. You’ll be able to see what others have said and vote on what you feel should happen next!

Remember that we’re new so the first thing we’d ask is that you’re as patient with us as possible. Trust us when we tell you if it hurts you it probably hurts us worse! And count on the fact that we will, and are, giving functionability and useability issues top priority. Along the way we’re going to be enhancing the site as membership increases. The sooner we can all make Pedegru the most visited animal website and hub on the internet the sooner we can add all the amazing items we have on our list!

Meanwhile, we also understand some issues can’t wait. If you’ve gone to the HELP section first and don’t see what you need by all means write and tell us what we can do for you.

If you run across anything objectionable you’ll find “Report a Violation” links all over the site and we strongly encourage you to use them. If you see something wrong with content we will appreciate knowing about it right away.

More than anything, we hope you’ll have a blast on Pedegru. Together we can build the most complete animal database in the world and bring people who live with, work with, and are enthusiastic about animals together. By creating all that synergy we can improve the lives and integrity of our animal population and perhaps even do a little something for our relationships with each other at the same time.

Thanks for being here!

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