How to use Pedegru

We’re very excited to welcome you to the site and hope you not only find it deeply helpful but absolutely fun! There are lots of great ways to spend time on Pedegru and we hope that most of it is pretty easy and self explanatory but we’re going to run through some basics just in case.

Now, we know you’re likely to come across some bugs so if you find anything that doesn’t seem to be working quite right jump over to the Feedback page (or look for the floating “Feedback” button) and let us know what you find. There were so many folks anxious for us to launch we thought it made sense to get rolling but some of the fixes we make will most likely come from your input.

Meanwhile, let’s work together on building the most comprehensive animal database in the world and the best website possible to host it all! Have a blast everyone!

Add Animal?

To the left just under your profile picture you’ll see the “add animal” link and you can add as many as you like. I have all my current animals there but I also have two of my past animals as well. I lost one of my best friends a few years ago. To me, she was the best “person” I’d ever met. Her profile is how I have memorialized her and can now share her with others by simply sending them the link. Old or new, current or past, share them all with us…we can’t wait to meet them!

This feature will take you to a whole new level with your animals. They get a profile page just like yours with the addition of a Pedigree (or Pedegru). You can load more than 4000 characters of facts, figures, and text in the various fields so people are certain to know as much about your animals as you like!

Towards the upper left you can add a primary image just as you did yours.

If you know the breed of your animal start typing and the browser will help. If you don’t know the breed, or he/she is a mixed breed, you can type in what you like there or skip that spot and keep moving.

If you’re animal is registered click the box to the upper right and that will open the areas relevant to that information.

If you’re animal isn’t registered that doesn’t mean you can start a “Pedegru”. Fill in the mother, father and/or grandparents. You’re creating a permanent record of your animals and just never know when it might come in handy. We hope the site is around forever so many generations of people will enjoy what you share! Show us all why your animals are the best! There’s a lot to do in this area and it’s all free so have a great time!

Once you’re done hit “create profile” at the bottom and you’re all set. Now you can click on your animal’s profile page and keep sharing all the pictures, videos and comments you’d like others to know and see!

Once you’re done “Like” it to Facebook, Google + 1 it, or Tweet it! We’re waiting!


This is where you go to look and learn. Here you can find and research every domesticated animal on the planet. Start by selecting one of the main categories and then browse through all the breeds or sub-species from there.

Or, if you know what you’re trying to find just type it in to any search bar! Not sure exactly how to spell something? No problem, type in as much as you know and once your matches are returned you can use the filters in the left column to help you sort the results.

If you know a lot about what you’re looking for you can do an advanced search also in the column to your left.


Best of all, no matter where you are, you can now locate any member, animal, service, club, association, anything as long as a profile has been created with an address. Just hover over the name and look for the link. Farms, breeders, pets, friends, fellow enthusiasts, services or goods – you now know just where to find them all in a flash!

Member Marketplace:

If you have a business, product, or service just click on your badge at the top right and select Marketplace or just go to the Marketplace and look in the left column for “List your stuff”. In just a few moments you’ll have a searchable listing that links to your profile. If you don’t have a web presence, you do now, and if you do have one this is your chance to link and share it with everyone who shares your passion. Every time you add something to your profile it will post in the feed on the main page so add away and keep yourself “front of mind”. It’s a breeze so try one and let us know what you think.

Animal/Services/Goods Marketplace:

If you’ve got an animal for sale, one available for breeding, you have a service, are a club or association, list it in the Marketplace. If you’re connected with animals in any way you need to be here and all the basic services are free. When you’re looking for something simply select by category to the left and browse the results. It’s super easy and finally so organized.

You can also create a Showcase for yourselves. You can use it to mass mail your circle of influence, post it to Facebook, Tweet it, whatever! You can also print it and hang it everywhere. It’s a sharp and attractive format and it’s also one of our free services. People will be able to scan the QR codes and e-mail the links too. There are a hundred ways to use these tools and we hope you really find them helpful!

Pedigrees (pedegrus):

On the animal profile page click on “Browse full pedigree” under the pedegru quick-view. This will take you to the full browser and the most incredible part of the site. Click to add a parent and a search window will appear. Now, just start typing to see if someone has already entered the parent. If not look below the search bar for “Add a new animal” and it will take you to the parent’s new profile page. It may take a little time but remember that you’re creating a permanent record that will last for generations. Not only will it be fascinating but it should be lots of fun for others to learn from and enjoy. Do a few and take a break. Come back and do some more later. We’ll still be here but we’re also anxious to meet your animals too! And remember, as soon as you finish adding one it will post to the feed on the Breed/Type page and the main page of Pedegru for everyone to see! So exciting!

Now you can post it to Facebook, Twitter, e-mail it or Google +1 it. Create a showcase page in a few seconds and show everyone what you just accomplished too! It’s all free and just a few clicks of the mouse.

Is that a QR Code?

You bet it is! If you don’t know what one of these is yet go to your smartphone market section and look for a free QR Code reader. Download it and scan the QR code and see what happens! It’s really cool!

When you print a Showcase page (link is under a main profile pic) the QR Code will allow someone to scan it and open the page right on their i-Pads or smartphones.

If your pet is lost this will let people store the profile for later access should they find it. If you’re selling an animal you can post the profile at shows, on boards, anywhere you like, and people will be able to scan and text the info to anyone. If you have a product or service people can scan the code and easily find you on the spot and in the future.


We aim to be the most searchable site possible. Want to find an animal, a group, a person, a place or a thing? Type it into any available search bar. If you’re not sure about the name or description, don’t worry, type what you know, or most anything, into the search bar then sort the results using the filter menu in the left hand column on the results page.

Want to find a breeder for Persians…just type in Persian and you’ll get everything that relates. Sort by Marketplace, Animal, whatever you need and browse through the list. You’re bound to find just what you need closer than you ever thought.


As a free basic service, and in order to help sell, place, or otherwise market you or your animals, just click the link under the profile picture called “Showcase” and this will automatically create a gorgeous showcase page you can post to Facebook or Twitter, e-mail, or print. People will even be able to open on their smartphones with the QR Code prominently displayed at the bottom left. It’s a quick and attractive way to show everyone your animal and there’s even a link taking them right back to the profile page. It’s a snap, it’s free and it’s stunning. Try it and send one out to your friends just for fun!

How do I sign up?

This parts a synch. Click “sign up” at the top right of the screen, enter your e-mail of choice, click submit and you’ll get a brown window telling you that a confirmation e-mail has just been sent to the sign-up e-mail. If you don’t see it when you check your mail look in your spam folder as it’s most likely there. Or, just one click and you can sign up/in through Google or Facebook (assuming you already have an account with either one).

Next, click on the link in that e-mail and it’ll take you to the first part of your new profile page. This is where you choose your handle, or profile name, and select a password. You’ll notice that the password block tells you when you’ve created one that’s strong. Hit submit and you’re now on your profile page.

Now, click “Edit profile” in the upper right and tell everyone all about yourself, your company, your service, your association, or whatever you’d like us to know!

Once you’re in your edit profile area you may notice that at the very bottom, just above the submit button, you can decide whether you want to make your e-mail public. If not people will still be able to contact you but they won’t see your e-mail address on the profile.

Also on this page, at the upper left, you can load any kind of picture you like (as long as it’s nice). Your farm banner, business logo, association branding, anything you’d like people to connect with you.

What’s next?

Now you get to start sharing all the fantastic pictures, video, facts, and stories you’d like people to see and know. Tell us what you do, what you like, where you live, or what you believe. You know what I mean when I say that animal people have a lot in common. This is the place where you finally get to find all those of like mind and spirit! We think animal people are a special group too. When you value, appreciate, admire and love your animals you’ve got to be special! That’s what we believe anyway. So go ahead and be yourself. You’ll certainly have a lot in common with everyone and heaven knows we all love to talk about our animals!


One of the best parts to Pedegru is the social interaction you can begin with others animal enthusiasts! It’s just plain hard to find other people who share the same passions we do and as a consequence we think some great friendships can be forged through the site.

Now it will be easy to find fellow German Sheppard lovers, Boa Morph enthusiasts, sheep breeders or you name it? Every time you create or post something to your profile, or one of your animal profiles, it will appear in the activity section for that breed and on the home page of Pedegru. This finally gives you a way to find one another.

Just browse through the entries, in either location, and start seeing what people who love Golden Labs are saying, who just listed a Thoroughbred for sale, how a snake owner dealt with a medical or behavioral problem, or learn about the next Skunk show! Or get a circle together and start a club.

Pedegru is finally going to bring us together!

I can’t tell you how hard it was to find our first Arabian Horse. It took two years! We traveled through 15 states trying to find the right one for the breeding program we were starting. Once we found her and she was ready to breed we went back on the hunt for a stallion…forget about it! That took another year of concentrated effort.

When everyone who owns an animal is on Pedegru the animal world is going to be a better place. When we can find one other easily our lives with our animals, and our animals lives, will dramatically improve.

Join and get all your animal friends to join. Let’s do this thing and have a blast sharing, learning, laughing and earning. We finally have a place where we can share our passion with the world!

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