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Anything related to Pets! Pedegru is committed to helping you further your brand - it adds another layer of exposure to the world of Pet Ownership and makes it easy for people to find the products and services they need. Here's how we help you do what you do!

1) First, as you can see, Marketplace Listings are free.
2) The following is an example of an article we wrote for someone who recently invited one of our horses into his life. It's the kind of article we'll write about you and what you list as well.
3) We have a Social Media Complex of over 25,000 and will be happy to share your program with them upon request. Just build a rich profile of background, images, any video, and we'll get started on helping you.
4) If you don't already follow us just look for us at any of the sites shown to the left of the screen on the AddThis bar - this will help you vertically market through the Pedegru Brand.
5) With pages viewed of nearly 1,000,000 here on Pedegru you're already getting exposure.




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