Learn the basics of my Registered Theraputic Massage Modality

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Whether you're a full-time massage professional or would just like to give you and your family better health through massage this is the only massage therapy modality you'll ever need to know.

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As a therapist, choosing just the right bodywork for your clients is important but choosing the right one for you at the same time is crucial to your longevity. When you find the method accomplishing both it’s called symbiotic. As most of you know there are many courses costing thousands of dollars and taking hundreds of hours to learn. Symbiotic Massage Therapy (SMT, a registered modality) teaches you everything you'll need to know through teaching symbiosis of mind, body, spirit and energy during therapy. This modality enables you to provide consistently high quality massages while energizing you at the same time. This means that four, six or eight massages per day are not just achievable but even exhilarating. Once you learn to fully integrate all four levels SMT will literally be the last modality you will need to learn.

Creating this symbiosis of energy between client and practitioner, however, is only achieved through knowledge and application. By balancing energy between client and therapist from the first moment massage begins, clearing your mind of all thoughts, negative energy, prejudices or distractions, you’ll become the channel for the cycling of pure energy. In this state of unbiased openness energy is balanced in client and practitioner and flows much more smoothly and efficiently. Over the course of the massage this flow picks up momentum to the extent that it creates an almost transcendental state for therapist and patient. This creates healing
on a level not previously experienced with no fatigue to the therapist.




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