Sire of 18 registered purebred Arabian foals (10 colts and 8 fillies) including Harara, Hanad, Saba, and Tabab (see Monica) who are all of mid-pedigree influence in the foundation bloodstock of Arieana Arabians.
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Desert-Bred by Ibn El Rashid of the Anazeh, *Deyr was purchased by Homer Davenport as a two-year-old, along with *Kusof and *El Bulad, at a Circassian village near the Euphrates River and was imported into the United States in 1906. *Deyr had one of the attributes so necessary to a good sire, that is the ability to sire horses much improved over himself in type, conformation, and quality. In 1925 at 21 years old, he was purchased by W.K. Kellogg as one of a group of eleven horses that were to become the foundation animals of his famous Kellogg Ranch in Pomona, California. *Deyr died very shortly thereafter leaving no foals for Mr. Kellogg. *Deyr's skeleton, which showed the characteristic five lumbar vertebrae of the Arabian, was donated to the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History.

We at Arieana Arabians take special pride in noting *Deyr's genetic influence for passing on his iridescent golden chestnut coat coloration to his sons Harara and Hanad. Is this then the source for the golden iridescent sheen of our own Gleeful Pico ("Glitters") and her son and our rising star and future herd sire Haat Pursuit? We do believe so, though we also wonder and ponder over *Rose of Sharon's influence for this trait and must consider the strength for which she was known to pass this on. Shall we just conclude then that it is something we will never know for sure and just enjoy and accept it for the beauty and joy it brings to our eyes? As we lovingly stroke Haat Pursuit's iridescent golden chestnut coat with its texture of shiny satin, we say "Yes" and decide to simply treasure this gift of expressed genetics from out of this legacy of the CMK Heritage Horses ~ the very same traits still expressed after over 100 years since the foaling date of this tremendously influential sire named *Deyr.

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