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Keeping freshwater fish indoors is a practice that has evolved over the last two thousand years. In the ancient Roman Empire, the first freshwater fish to be brought indoors were sea barbells. Around the year 50, the invention of glass gave the Romans the ability to greatly improve the view of fish in marble tanks. A Chinese Emperor established a porcelain company in 1369, which specialized in the creation of porcelain fish tanks for freshwater fish (more specifically, goldfish).There are now approximately sixty million aquarists all over the world, with keeping an indoor fish tank currently being the second most popular hobby in the United States. Specifically in the United States, it’s estimated that around 40% of fish owners keep at least two tanks.


Most pet care experts agree that keeping a fresh water fish tank requires significantly less work than keeping a salt water tank. However, this is not to say that fresh water fish aren’t without their own pet fish care needs. Keeping a fresh water fish tank clean is the best thing that an aquarium owner can do to ensure that their fish remain healthy. Many people view aquarium keeping as a hobby that requires little or no work, when actually the opposite is true. Maintaining a tank as a habitable environment for fresh water fish does require a significant amount of work, as well as designated testing of water quality. Many fish also have specific dietary needs, which make caring for certain fresh water fish slightly more difficult. In general, most fresh water fish will thrive off of a diet that has varied ingredients, and that contains both dried and fresh foods.


It’s best to purchase all of the supplies that you will need for your fresh water fish tank well before you plan to purchase any fish. Setting up a fresh water fish tank should be done at least three days before you plan to bring any fish home, since this will give you time to ensure that your tank is functioning properly. Most fish tank owners use tap water to fill their tank, which is usually the best option. However, due to the high chlorine levels in tap water, it’s essential that any tap water used for a fish tank be de-chlorinated well before any fish are added to the tank. Be sure to purchase a water filter that is designed to cycle the total volume of your tank approximately four times per hour.

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