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    1. Luxemere Arabians
      November 15, 2014 @ 7:48 PM A couple of weeks ago a lady from Jacksonville Florida named Gloria Polis contacted me about something quite unexpected. She was once a breeder and had produced national winning horses.

      She lived in Oklahoma and one day when shopping found a beautiful framed print in a local antique shop. She had it hanging in her home for many years and eventually decided to reframe it. To her amazement, behind the print, she found a fabulous early photograph of an Arabian mare with an inscription at the bottom that read, ‘Mamdouha, purebred Arabian mare imported from Egypt in July, 1947’.

      Gloria felt preserving the historical nature of the photograph was important enough that she reached out to a few Arabian organizations but found no one seemed interested. Upon additional searching she located us here at Pedegru and called. Gloria asked if we might be interested in preserving it and of course our immediate reaction was ‘Yes Ma’am we would, without a doubt, that’s what we’re all about’.

    2. Luxemere Arabians
      November 15, 2014 @ 7:49 PM When the photo arrived Gloria had included a navy blue bound book of Raseyn and all his sons and daughters. It is 304 pages long with photos so rare we’ve never seen some of them…and we’ve seen a lot!

      We’re working now on adding the profiles, building pedigrees, and adding the photos and will post them as completed. Meanwhile, we wanted to share this most interesting story. It made us think…there must be lots of folks with wonderful treasures like these so we decided to put it out there that anyone with items they’d like to see archived we will be more than happy to save them, place them on Pedegru, and in time find a great place to permanently display them.

    3. Luxemere Arabians
      November 15, 2014 @ 7:49 PM We see this kind of thing as a thrilling, adventure because, as most of you know, we’re working on creating an unparalleled database of all domesticated animals. This is the kind of gift that takes us a few steps closer.

      We’re so appreciative to Gloria for thinking of Pedegru and are excited about preserving these wonderful pieces of Gloria’s legacy.
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