Rosie Goat

Black and white with blue eyes
March 2010
Rosie Goat is Sister Girl's younger sister and Mommy Goats last baby. We believe that Hoppy Aiden Too is her daddy as well as the daddy of Sister Girl's twins. Rosie had never been bred.
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Rosie is our adventuresome goat. She's always jumping up on the big dog house and doing a little dance. When the twins were with us she entertained the two by jumping down and chasing them. She is a smart goat and is trying to figure out how to get treats without actually having to climb onto the goat stand. Rosie lets you pet her but only on her terms. She calls to me from their pen in hopes of getting snacks. She's quite a chow hound but runs it off. She has never been bred, but we are getting a buck in November. So hopefully she will have her first baby or babies in the Spring.

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