Al Maliik & Rodolfo Guzzo make their show ring debut together!

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Saturday, May 23, 2015
Al Maliik and Rodolfo Guzzo make their show ring debut together!

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Unfortunately I wont be able to attend the Region One Show this year to see Al Maliik and Rodolfo Guzzo make their show ring debut together…thank goodness for live feed…Thursday evening 05/28/2015 don’t miss this exciting event!!!

Al Maliik - combines the exotic blood of his sire, Marwan Al Shaqab, along with Ali Jamaal and El Hilal through his dam Maya El Jamaal. He is everything that is the Arabian horse. This is a stallion that will add type, attitude, and most of all preserved beauty from his illustrious heritage.

The Guzzo Adventure
by McKay Stirland

Whether written or lived, its origin can come from a variety of sources, circumstances or people. The Guzzo Adventure originates in a boy in Brazil, crisscrosses continents, and embraces the fabled Arabian horse. It includes all the elements of an exciting best-selling novel: drama, suspense, heroism, success and defeat, sub-plots of death and storylines of new beginnings and life itself. And then there are the characters—the people liberally sprinkled throughout that color and enhance the adventure. Far from fiction, the Guzzo Adventure remains a continuing work in progress.

The Guzzo Adventure first began in Paraná, Brazil, on Rodolfo’s grandfather’s farm. “I learned how to work hard, learned to read animal behavior and found out that people were what was most important in life,” remembers Rodolfo.

Now, more than 20 years later and traveling across the world, Rodolfo Guzzo has become an extraordinary and successful horseman and a worldwide marketing guru. His international success in the show ring is equally matched by his marketing abilities—searching for and discovering future champions and exceptional breeding horses for small and large breeders alike.

Yet, Rodolfo is quick to acknowledge that his worldwide Adventure began by accident. “I was 15 years old and had never seen an Arabian horse,” he admits. “Can you believe it! I had never even been to a horse show. My world was pretty small. My life was simple. My father and I were best friends. He taught me not only about horses, but also about respect, character and how to live life. Looking back, I had no idea that at 15 years old I was on the edge of a life-changing adventure.” And, it all would start with a chestnut mare.

Rodolfo’s father took his son to an all-breeds horse show in São Paulo, Brazil, which included the Brazilian National Arabian Horse Show. “All the horses were beautiful,” Rodolfo recalls. “But my eyes found a beautiful chestnut mare, totally different from all the other horses at the show. She was unique in her presence, her carriage, her style and attitude. Her beauty captured me. In that moment I fell in love with what I later found out was an Arabian horse. That mare would change my life in ways I could never imagine.” Rodolfo’s passion had been ignited by a chestnut mare … and the Guzzo Adventure took a sweeping revolution.
“My father wanted me to continue my schooling and study hard,” Rodolfo smiles, remembering his father’s strong recommendations. However, with loads of enthusiasm and a generous dose of creativity, Rodolfo recruited long-time friend and veterinarian, Dr. Ricardo Suma, and others, to win the approval of Rodolfo’s father. After subtle efforts and focused strategies, young Rodolfo and his supporters persuaded his father to consent to his son’s dream. Days later, Rodolfo signed on at Haras Fabrini, one of Brazil’s best known Arabian farms at the time. “Looking back, my father supported me in so many ways,” remembers Guzzo. “He did everything he could to assure the success of my dreams with Arabian horses.”

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