First Cardiac Ablation in a Horse Successful

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Saturday, September 15, 2018
Belgian veterinarians have successfully completed the first cardiac ablation—a procedure used to correct irregular heartbeats—performed in a horse. Diamant, a 5-year-old Norwegian show jumper, came through the four-hour operation with no difficulties.
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    September 15, 2018 @ 1:52 PM We could not be more excited about the advances in Pet Medicine! There have been so many advances for humans it's dazzling - Lasik, artificial joint and limb, heart, lung, 3-D printing, and the list unimaginably goes on. We are so blessed to have the brilliant minds at work we do. This has not always been the case for our beloved animals. Though there have certainly been improvements there is so much more possible. This is a fabulous story about a medical break-through so we hope you enjoy learning about something new.

    We were at the Grand Canyon the other day and a squirrel came right up to us looking for a bite of lunch. He/She was the most playful and creative little character you've ever seen. Though ferrell he/she was virtually a pet and the antics that little character got into were just a sight. It reinforced for us what a pleasure Pets are...everyone was getting a chuckle. Even the Elk, gorgeous animals, sat right next to us munching on a twig.
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    September 15, 2018 @ 1:52 PM For all the people who don't have a Pet in their lives exposure to them makes it more likely. If everyone on the planet owned a pet there wouldn't be enough to go around. Nirvana! When that happens the concept of animal life and animal rights will be changed for good and that will lead to food products that replace animal ones, medical breakthroughs that give them better lives, and a level of joy for we humans I think most just don't understand they can have with a Pet in their lives.

    We believe every Pet is as critical a part of our human experience as we are and support medical advancements for animals in any way possible. Our goal, our mission, is #ahomeforeverypet (meaning a home for every animal who needs one) and a society that ultimately integrates animal rights the way we have human ones. Every time someone joins #Pedegru, adds a Pet Page, Personal, Family or business Page, a Discussion, Event, Marketplace Listing, or just makes a comment - whatever - it raises our rankings
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