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Friday, July 19, 2013
Clipper blades and clippers Behavior
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Hair Industry from Human hair , dog hair , horses to livestock there are lots of thing to consider when clipping your pet or human Hair.
1) keep your clipper clean and oil if needed it and service it once a year if you are a professional groomer.
2) Keep your clipper blades oil at all time,
3)where do i oil the clipper blades? Ok, there are 3 part in some clippers and blades that required oil the easy way to find out is if you look where the blades make contact at front at the tips/teeth and the bottom back contact, in some blades also the middle of the blades works as a bearing where it has a piece that looks like plastic called glide make sure you also oil it.

on the clipper side depending on the clipper , youll findout that some clippers have ball bearings or little holes and it said oil close to them , oil with 2 drops every time you use it and if you see that it is leaking oil stop untill get dry and re oil again.

Fro Pet groomers (dogs) i will say 90% of groomers are using the andis clippers with the detachable blades, these clippers required attention every 2 to 3 months on the (Blade drive) this is a piece of plastic that looks like a web with a lever on one end. attach to the blade drive is a bearing that need to replace when is dry or is getting to laud. clipper service required every year or less if needed it.

sheep's because the lanolin they have on the fur the blades needs to be washed before and after its use with warm water and dawn dish washer, make sure to remove all the residues of lanolin and dry them and also oil them very well.

good luck on your job and have a great clipping day.
visit us at for your sharpening and parts if you need it we have a mailing service .
Thank you
Ruben Roldan President

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