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Doggies Unlimited makes and ships fresh biscuits and dog jerky. We also sell only Made in USA pet products and foods. In early 2013 we are expecting the release of the new pet product to hit the market - Slow Pull Retractable Leashes.
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We started making fresh organic biscuits and dog jerky after we started researching the ingredients that were being put in dog treats. It was so amazing to me that these treat and food packaging made the dog treats and food look so healthy and yet what was in it wasn't at all healthy. Not only did my Toby Dog love my new homemade treats but so did a lot of his friends. So that is how Doggies Unlimited was started in 2006. I wanted to only offer healthy treats and foods for dogs and cats and to offer only Made in USA products as I constantly heard of the dog treats and foods being imported were the cause of our companion pets getting sick and even dying. It is also very important to take a minute to read the label of what you are feeding your pets. "Isn't Your Pet Worth It". Visit:

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