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Renier Landscapes and Oils
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Many members of my family have been and are artists. We have an architect, commercial artist, watercolorists, weavers, sculpters, and I work mostly in oils. We're even blessed with some renowned chefs and candy makers! We are so thrilled ti find Pedegru!
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I was born in Boston to a family of 4 brothers and a sister. Mother and Dad have sadly long passed but many cousins dot the globe. I studied in California, Italy, and in New England and have an undergraduate degree in Art from Boston University and a Master's in Art from Yale. I sculpt and have pieces in several museums and in retirement take on about 15 commissions a year. My wife, Elialital, and I have have always loved and owned animals and at one time maintained a small farm with ducks, geeses, dogs, cats, a pig, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens and honey bees. We even had a couple of horses at one point but large animals are definitely a different sort of committment. Now we have a rescue names Ilyich, a Dachsund named Chopin, and a tabby named Gevalia for her stunning coffee color.

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