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We are an Arabian breeder located in Mesa, Idaho. We've been raising Arabians for 30 years. Double Starz loves to breed good quality 'doing' horses that derive from the reliable old bloodlines of the breathtaking and enchanting Arabian.
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Double Starz Ranch stands the grey *El Shaklan and *Carmargue bred, Royale Sumernitz. His pedigree more than speaks for itself. He carries the Ibrahim sire line, only through a different son of Skowronek, Naziri. His tight old Egyptian tail female line helps him to produce superb athletes, adding remarkable substance back into the amazing Arabian breed, along with outstanding beauty and dispositions. Our young Arabian stallion is Sukkars Royale Raptur, the grey son of our late stallion, the *Bask++ grandson Allahs Sukkar Abiad. His sire line is to the very close Kuhailan-Haifi. He also has the wonderful *Naborr close in his sire's pedigree. He shares the same dam as Royale Sumernitz, giving once again that tight old Egyptian tail female line that instills incredible minds and old desert characteristics. Double Starz Ranch has also secured the remaining frozen semen for the Pure Spanish Arabian Stallion *Sidi-Brahim and will be adding his blood to our herd. We expect the wonderful Spanish traits to reinvigorate the desert Arabian type and stamina with our mares. Every year we have a select few foals that we offer for sale to the original Arabian enthusiast looking for that classical old world style look. What made the Arabian originally so sought after? Stamina? Heart? Intelligence? Beauty? Loyalty? We specialize in athletic, beautifully correct Arabians, whom are also phenomenal family pets. At Double Starz we focus on *Bask++,*Naborr, Ferzon and Skowronek blood for our sire lines, and *Dornaba++, Fersara, Gavrelle, Bint Sahara, Reyna, and of course Mahroussa in our dam lines. Our goal is to bring to you the athlete of your dreams, and we feel these bloodlines are our best way to help you achieve these goals.

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